Chinese Input for Windows CE (ChinInp)

HPC version 1.9
PPC version 1.12

Chinese Input for non-Chinese WindowsCE device mainly for Handheld PC and Palm-size PC,
Here is four input method available,

Changjei Input Method
Canton Phonetic Input Method
Beijing Phonetic Input Method
Changjei Quick Input Method
RE: All input methods are support wildcard "*" character search, excludet Changjei Quick Input.


18 Feb 1999 night, First version
23 Feb 1999 night, Add Hot key for call up input area
11 Apr 1999 night, HPC Pro compatible.
20 May 1999 night, add setting menu.
20 Jun 1999 early morning, add Big5 Clipboard Reader.
25 Jun 1999 night, change Big5 clipboard Reader dialog add multiple line support.
7 Jul 1999 night, add Changjei Quick Input method.
27 Sep 1999 night, fix Changjei Quick Input method bugs.
2 Dec 1999 night, add support Palmsized-PC with External Keyboard.
10 Jan 2000 night, add Palmsized-PC support.
31 Jan 2000 night, fixed unstable of Palmsized-PC Input panel.
1 Feb 2000 night, fixed Handheld PC Square character on Dialogs, add Convert Chinese internal code on Dialogs.
add Stylus select on Chinese Choice List
(Windows CE 2.10 or up Only)

Other Information

You can download Unicode Chinese font from other web page, such as,
CE Note for WindowsCE Link Disappeared.
CE Star for WindowsCE Font Name "UniSun"

or you may download MSHEI.TTF from Windows 98/IE 5.0 (1.9Mb) Font name: "MS Hei"
or you may download MSSONG.TTF from Windows98/IE 5.0 (2.4Mb) Font name: "MS Song"

Put the font files into \Windows\Fonts directory of your WindowsCE device.

If you want to be able to view Chinese Web page on your Windows CE device, just download a software call JPX from NEC after install.
Type in "jpxbig5.dll" into "Language Pack", and Type the Chinese font name into "Font Name", and Set the Proxy Server in Pocket Internet Explorer, type in "localhost" into "Proxy Server" with "8000" port.
Details of JPX please refer to the web page.

You can use my freeware Data for WindowsCE with this Chinese input, then, you can input and display Chinese character of Contact's Addresses.....


Change your registry entry for display Chinese

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\SYSFNT\Nm = Font name you have download.

Last, you need to soft-reset, and change applications' font name/ default font name as the Chinese font name.


In "System File Directory" fill in the directory that contain Chinese Input Data files.
In "Font Name" fill in a Unicode Chinese font face name.

Application Menu
User can select Unicode/Big5 internal code output while user input Chinese characters.

Input Area just sitting on top of Windows CE Task Bar.


User can use following hot keys,
[Ctrl]+[Space] Toggle Chinese Input
[Shift]+[ESC] Switch between each Chinese Input
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+1 Open Changjei Input
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+2 Open Canton Input
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+3 Open Beijing Input
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+4 Open Changjei Quick Input

Screen Shots

User can input Chinese Characters in Word application, but it will store it in Unicode characters.

User can change input method by click on input method name buttons