MyTools for Windows CE

version 1.36

"My Tools for Windows CE" is a utility software for display memory status, batteries status, and current day on Task bar area.

  • Power-On Sound Effect
  • Add option to disable Date & time display.
  • Colour Supported
  • Mini-Calculators
  • Unicode Chinese/Japanese characters support in Jot notes (for WindowsCE 2.0 only).
  • Calendar Window.
  • Close current window (for Palmsized PC only).
  • Pocket-PC confirmed: complied for PocketPC.
  • HPC Pro comfirmed: complied for HPC Pro and ARM CPU.
  • WindowsCE 1.0, 2.0, 2.11, 3.00, Palm-size PC and PocketPC compatible


  • HotKey [Alt]+[/] to pop up Mini-Calculator
  • HotKey [Alt]+[-] to pop up Status Dialog
  • HotKey [Alt]+[=] to pop up Jot Notes Window
  • HotKey [Alt]+[\] to pop up Menu.
  • Close current window, Palmsized PC only.
  • Trim the Time & Date display size.
  • Analog Clock display
  • Run applications
  • Online calendar window
  • Free memory status
  • Batteries status
    ** batteries is different from each machine, some of them can report with percentages, some can't.
  • Timer for usage on batteries.
  • Timer for Network/Modem connection.
  • Power-on sound effect
    ** select your own sound wave file (.wav)
  • Jot notes with pen input, or key-in text
  • PC Card Storage Card Status
    ** only available for WindowsCE v2.
  • Date, month and time display
    ** only available for WindowsCE v2. Date and month display for WindowsCE v1.

Lastest News

  • Close current window, hold on Taskbar Icon more than 1 second and release your stylist.
  • Hour digits will place at top and at bottom for indicate AM / PM.
  • Add Feature, Bank Account transaction data in next version.
  • Calendar window's Y2K bugs fixed.
  • Add HotKey for Popup the Menu.

for Smartphone 2003
Please check it out, at here
for Smartphone 2002
Please check it out, at here

for Pocket-PC
Due to Pocket-PC device Task bar are not always on-top, therefore Pocket-PC version is different to Windows CE version.
Please check it out, at here

Screen Shots