MyTools for Pocket PC

version 1.51

My Tools for PocketPC is a utility software for display memory status, batteries status, and current day on Title bar area.
Power-On Sound Effect
Unicode Chinese/Japanese characters support in Jot notes.

** Change the display let's for support 2003SE

Weekdays icon.  
Display Fonts will following the colour scheme that you are using.
Add Close current Windows icon.

Support the following OS only,
WindowsCE 3.00 PocketPC or PocketPC 2002 (version 1.49)
WindowsCE 4.00 PocketPC 2003
WindowsCE 4.20 PocketPC 2003 SE


  • Close current window, just click on the cross icon.
  • Run applications
  • Free memory status
  • Batteries status ** batteries is different from each machine, some of them can report with percentages, some can't.
  • Timer for usage on batteries.
  • Timer for Network/Modem connection.
  • Power-on sound effect, ** select your own sound wave file (.wav)
  • Jot notes with pen input, or key-in text
  • PC Card Storage Card Status.
  • Date, month  display.
  • User define Application list (up to 10 entries)
  • User define display position (Right/Center)
  • Connection Timer display on/off toggle
  • Battery Timer display on/off toggle
  • Activate application list
  • Close/OK Button can be customized by User.

Latest News

  • PocketPC 2002 compatible
  • PocketPC 2003 compatible
  • PocketPC 2003SE compatible
  • VGA display compatible
  • Bugs in connection time display fixed
  • typing mistake corrected
  • Close/OK Button customized by User.
    copy file name with 
    "nbutton" for Close button
    "pbutton" for Pressed Close button
    "nokbtn" for OK button
    "pokbtn" for Pressed OK button
    into \Windows directory of your PocketPC,
    which support .bmp and .gif file only, use color RGB 255,0,255 as transparent colour.

Bugs Fixed

  • Task List and Close Application Hang for 2003 SE devices.

for Smartphone 2003
Please check it out, at here

for Smartphone 2002
Please check it out, at here

for HPC, HPC Pro & Palmsized PC
Due to Pocket-PC device Task bar are not always on-top, therefore Pocket-PC version is different to Windows CE version.
Please check it out, at here


This is freeware, but I shall have absolutely no liability to any cause for using the software. Please carefully choice and read the installation steps as follows,

Cab file for Pocket PC 2003/SE
setup files for Pocket PC 2003/SE

for Pocket PC or Pocket PC 2002 (version 1.49)

SH3 CPU file
setup files

no update for Pocket PC or Pocket PC 2002 devices. please use old version.

Screen Shots

All Functions support in Landscape & Portrait mode

Jot note screen
Text notes and draw text on same page, maximum 200 pages.
Text notes font can be user modify.
You can search note with supplied text.

User define Application List
Application List entries, up to 10 entries.

Mini Calculator
User define exchange rate for quick currency conversion

Status Dialog
It will display all available Storage device and retrieve the free spaces available size.

Setting Dialog
All user preference can be define with it.

Running Program List
Show all activated application name, and user can select to stop it or show it on top of other application.