MyTools for Smartphone 2002

version 1.02

MyTools for Smartphone 2002 is a utility software for display memory status, Timer for powered on batteries, and current time on Title bar area.

Windows CE  Smartphone 2002 only

Bugs Fixed

  • Can't Popup MyTools Menu fixed.


  • Popup MyTools Menu : Press [Record] button.
  • Scroll MyTools Menu Item : Press Volume up/down button.
  • Confirm selected MyTools Menu Item : Press [Record] button.
  • Voice Record : select from MyTools Menu.   


  • Close current window, just select "Close Task".
  • Free memory status.
  • Timer for powered on batteries.
  • PC Card Storage Card Status.
  • Task List display, let user switch or close applications.
  • Modem Link, IR receive, ActiveSync, Calculator & Program are add into Mytools menu, so user can access those function without switch to Program Menu.

for Smartphone 2003
Please check it out, at here

for Pocket PC & Pocket PC 2002
Please check it out, at here

for HPC, HPC Pro & Palmsized PC
Please check it out, at here

MyTools Menu

  • Status
    Memory Status Dialog
  • Close Task
    Close the current application
  • Calculator
    Activate the Smartphone Calculator
  • Programs
    Activate the Smartphone Program menu
  • ActiveSync
    Activate ActiveSync
  • IR Receive
    Activate IR Receive mode
  • Modem Link
    Activate Modem link mode
  • Reset Timer
    Reset batteries Timer
  • Task List
    Pop up Task List Dialog
  • About
    Pop up About MyTools Dialog
  • Exit
    Exit MyTools


This is freeware, but I shall have absolutely no liability to any cause for using the software.

WARNING: This software 100% not compatible with MS Smartphone 2003, if you are trying to install into MS Smartphone 2003, then you are willing to take your own risk, it is totally not caused by me or any related parties.

for Smartphone 2002 setup files
for Smartphone 2002 Cab Files

Setup files : Install Mytools from Desktop with ActiveSync.
CAB files : directly install Mytools from web site with Smartphone

Screen Shots

MyTools Menu

Task List Dialog
use arrow key to select item or select application
[Switch To] : switch to selected application
[Stop] : Stop the selected application
[Stop All] : Stop all active application

Memory Status Dialog
Programs : Programs Run Memory
Storage : Internal Storage (RAM) Memory
Card : External Storage Card Memory (e.g. MMC)
Phone : Internal Flash Storage Memory (e.g. IPSM)