MyTools for Smartphone 2003

version 2.28

MyTools for Smartphone 2003 or Windows Mobile 5/6 Smartphone is a utility software for display memory status, Timer for powered on batteries, and current time on Title bar area.

Windows CE Smartphone 2003 or Windows Mobile 5/6 Smartphone only


  • Popup MyTools Menu : Press [Record] button or [Home] button.*
  • Scroll MyTools Menu Item : Press Volume up/down button or dpad cursor up/down button.
  • Confirm selected MyTools Menu Item : Press [Record] button or [Action] button or [Power] button.*
  • Voice Notes : select from MyTools Menu.
  • add support Landscape screen smartphone device & WM6
  • New free memory method.


 * for some smartphone device with camera,

like O2 Xphone, use Press and Hold [Record] button instant of press [Record] button, for confirm selection, can use press [Power] button too.
like O2 Xphone II, use Press and Hold [Volume Up] button instant of press [Record] button.

for Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone, user require to unlock the device otherwise record key, volume up/down keys , and the Today screen right soft key are not able to use



  • Close current window, just select "Close Task" in MyTools menu.
  • Free memory status
  • Timer for powered on batteries. with option to select timer on batteries or time remain of the batteries.
  • PC Card Storage Card Status.
  • Task List display, let user switch or close applications.
  • Power-on Sound
  • Power-on Check Call forward status, let the Home screen will report Call Forward status correctly after power on.
  • right soft button of Home screen add a popup menu, let you select calculator, contacts, inbox, file manager or call log.
  • clean up memory when close applications, make your smartphone run smoothly but didn't cause any problem.
  • add disable IE button and Camera button, to let user to disable launch IE or Camera while press by mistake. (it is for some smartphone
  • device have IE or camera but easily pressed).
  • Full screen big clock display while key locked.
  • totally different to Smartphone 2002 version

Latest News

  • Add key selection
    [Home] / [Record] key for popup MyTools menu.
    [Up]/[Down] key for scroll MyTools menu items.
    [Action] key for confirm selected menu item.
    [Volume Up]/[Volume Down] key for scroll MyTools Menu Items.
    [Record] or [Power] key for confirm selected menu item.
  • Smartphone 2003 compatible only
    Test with some Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone

for Smartphone 2002
Please check it out, at here

for Pocket PC & Pocket PC 2002
Please check it out, at here

for HPC, HPC Pro & Palmsized PC
Please check it out, at here

MyTools Menu

  • Status
    Memory Status Dialog
  • Close Task
    Close the current application
  • Edit
    Cut, Copy or Paste Text with current focused edit box.
  • Bluetooth
    Toggle Bluetooth on or off
  • Disconnect GPRS
    Disconnect data connect on GPRS or 3G
  • Voice notes
    Activate the Smartphone Voice Notes
  • Task List
    Pop up Task List Dialog
  • Applications
    change to application menu, include Calcuator, Windows Media, Modem Link, File Manager.
  • Organize
    change to Organize menu, include Contacts, Calendar, Tasks.
  • Internet
    change to Internet menu, include Internet Explorer, MSN Messenger, Inbox.
  • Call
    change to call menu, include call history, Missed call history, call forward, phone Profiles.
  • Settings
    Activate Settings
  • Exit MyTools
    Exit MyTools for Smartphone 2003
  • Options
    Pop up MyTools Options Dialog
  • Hide MyTools
    Hide MyTools Menu


Setup Files
Cab File

This is freeware, but I shall have absolutely no liability to any cause for using the software.

WARNING: This software 100% not compatible with MS Smartphone 2002, if you are trying to install into MS Smartphone 2002, then you are willing to take your own risk, it is totally not caused by me or any related parties.

Setup files: install Mytools from Desktop with ActivSync.
CAB file: directly install Mytools from web site with Smartphone.

Screen Shots

MyTools Menu
MyTools Menu

Task List Dialog
use arrow key to select item or select application
press [Done] to exit Task List Dialog,
Press [Menu] to popup the following menu items,

[Switch To] : switch to selected application

[Stop] : Stop the selected application
[Stop All] : Stop all active application
[Refresh] : Refresh the Task List.
[Free Up Memory] : Force all application free up memory.

Memory Status Dialog
Programs : Programs Run Memory
Storage : Internal Storage (RAM) Memory
Card : External Storage Card Memory (e.g. MMC)
Phone : Internal Flash Storage Memory (e.g. IPSM or Storage directory)

Home Screen Right Button
Change the right soft key at Home screen, user can select "Replace Left soft key" to activate.
User additional shortcuts can be add into this menu

put shortcuts file into 
\Storage\Application data\MyTools (Smartphone 2003) or \Application data\MyTools (Windows Mobile 5)

Options Dialog
press [Menu] for reset Batteries timer or About Mytools.

Show Battery Used Time & Show Battery Remain Time can't be checked together, user can select either one.

Use HomeKey Activate & Use Record Key Activate is checked by default.

Use dpad (cursor) key up/down & volume up/down keys to scroll menu, with action or Record key to selected.

Show Clock on Keylock Screen, actually, it is replace the whole screen with Big Digital Clock in White on Black while the device is in key lock mode.